Hi, I’m Jon James!

I’m the dorky guy with glasses who randomly says one liners from Will Ferrell movies. I’m also a dad to a little girl which has changed my world. My favorite part of a wedding day is the Father/Daughter dances. Man, am I a ball of mush during that moment. Every. Single. Time. I make sure you feel comfortable in front of the camera and that the photos come out natural and fun. I believe weddings are a celebration of your love story but also being with your friends and family. I aim to capture all the moments that matter.

Howdy, I’m Jakayla!

It’s not just about taking¬†pictures for me. It’s about getting amazing memories of who your wedding day. ¬†When It comes to your big day, I’m focused on not just you as a couple that day, but also the friends and family surrounded you. I want to capture the moments of everyone. If your mama cries while you walk down the aisle, my ninja photo skills will capture that and also the moment of your groom when he first sees you. I truly love everything related to weddings and I will give you as much advice as I can! I’m not just a photographer, I’m a friend.

Hello! I’m Rebecca!

Being a bride myself a few years ago, I remember what it was like searching for a photographer. I was stressed and not sure how the heck to process it all. Well, not to worry! You have came to the right place. I feel like I can totally connect with you because I was on the other side of the camera not long ago and I remember how it feels. I will do whatever it takes to capture you at ease and enjoy the experience with me as your photographer! I am pretty bubbly and love to conversate and connect on a personal level!